Rules for Game:

  • Take it in turns to pick up a card from the deck
  • If a card applies to you... DRINK!
  • Don't want to participate in drinking? Let the host choose a forfeit for you! 

Cards Explained:

The player who picked this card must name a category (e.g. zodiac signs / cocktails) each player takes it in turn to say something that fits in that category (e.g. geminis / pina colada etc.). The first person to mess up drinks. 
The player who picked this card chooses truth or dare and the rest of the group comes up with one.
The rest of the group chooses three people and the player who picked this card reveals who they would kiss, marry or kill out of the three.
Starting with the player who picked up this card, say something that you HAVE NOT done, everyone who HAS done it must drink.